Pearl Snap Tactical

Primary and Secondary Threats

September 23, 2021 Pearl Snap Tactical Season 1 Episode 9
Pearl Snap Tactical
Primary and Secondary Threats
Show Notes

The first threat you see might not be the only threat you deal with.

Unfortunately, military personnel, police officers, and concealed carry holders have been killed by secondary attacks that follow the initial attack they sought to deal with.

In the episode we cover:

  • What are primary and secondary attacks?
  • Is this really a concern for CCW's?
  • How do we train to protect ourselves against it?
  • And more!

Also, we take your questions:

  • Should you change your EDC in response to weather and other changes?
  • Semi-automatic vs. Revolver:  Which is better?
  • Ear Pro Selection:  foam vs. muffs

It's all inside this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!

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