Pearl Snap Tactical

Warrior Mindset: Preparing for Hard Times

August 22, 2023 Pearl Snap Tactical
Pearl Snap Tactical
Warrior Mindset: Preparing for Hard Times
Show Notes

I don't have to tell you that we're living in dark and perilous times. Each time I look at my news feed, it seems as if everything that's great about America is circling down the drain of decadence and social decay. It reminds me of that quote from author G. Michael Hopf:

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times."

If we are to escape the hard times that have been handed down to us by these weak men (and women), then the only path forward is the one through which we unlock the inner strength within ourselves and forge our own path to greatness - true greatness. It is the warrior's path. It is long, it is hard, and it is fraught with peril. But, honestly, it's the only viable option open to us now.

Plato wrote that "the ideal citizen must be a scholar-athlete, a man of thought, and a man of action."

And just what are these pillars to becoming this scholar-athlete that Plato spoke of? 

Well, in this week's episode of PST, that's exactly what Alex and I are gonna get up all in that business!

So, pull up a chair and sit a spell.  Hang out with us in this week's installment of Pearl Snap Tactical!

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